Please be sure you have three to six weeks of hair outgrowth on the day of your scheduled waxing appointment. Some of the common sides effects of waxing can be: site area redness and slight skin irritation. Finally, waxing is not recommended if you use Retin-A, Accutane, Renova and/or Hydroxy or similar products or if you are currently tanning. Thank you.

Armfrom $35
Bikinifrom $35
Brazilianfrom $69
Chinfrom $13
Eyebrowsfrom $19
Eyebrows, Lip, & Chin Combofrom $41
Full Face (no brow)from $45
Full Legs (no bikini)from $69
Half Legsfrom $38
Lipfrom $13
Underarmsfrom $27
Men's Backfrom $48
Men's Chestfrom $56
Nosefrom $11