Bosley MD

Bosley MD

Bosley is backed by 45 years of experience & over 9 million satisfied customers.

BosleyMD’s 360 degree approach to hair loss solutions makes it easy to mix and match products to create the perfect results.

Formulated for those who:

  • Have a genetic history of thinning/balding,
  • Are in the early stages of hair loss, or
  • Are experiencing abnormal shedding.
  • Have visibly thinning hair,
  • Have experienced sudden or rapid hair loss, or
  • Have areas where hair no longer grows.

During a recent study sponsored by BosleyMD and conducted in an independent clinic with over 30 men and women, of varying ages and ethnicities over a 12 week period after using BosleyMD Revive Shampoo and Conditioner, Follicle Energizer and Hair Regrowth Treatment. Individual results vary.