Rae Cronin

Rae Cronin


The year I started my profession: 2017

Hair Solutions start date: October 2017

What made me interested in the beauty business was: I’ve always been super into beauty! I loved going to get my hair done and listening to the stylist talk about the process.

What do you love most about my work is: Making people feel good about themselves!

What excites/motivates me about my work is: Everyday is different! Getting to work with all different hair types, always having a new canvas to work on!

The service I am obsessed with giving is: Balayage, big color projects, and redheads!

The additional services I perform include: Nails and waxing.

My favorite product is/because: Shine bright taming serum by Pureology as it makes any look nice and shiny and smooths those fly aways!

The three words that others use to describe me are: Always singing, goofy, and kind-hearted.

My hobbies/interests are: I enjoy doing makeup and singing is a huge passion of mine.

My goal in life is: To become an educator someday.

Certifications / Advanced Education / Training:
WI Cosmetology Certified
Bridal Styling – Stephanie Brinkerhoff
Easihair Pro Extensions
Sharon Blaine – Styling