Lynette Tans

Lynette Tans


Monday: 8:30am – 2:30pm
Tuesday: 10am – 8pm
Wednesday: 9am – 8pm
Thursday: Not Available
Friday: Not Available
Saturday: (selected)
Sunday: Not Available

The year I started my profession: 1990

Hair Solutions start date: April 2002

What made me interested in the beauty business was: I love working with people and I’ve always been on the artsy side. Also, knowing many people in the business I could see this was definitely something I would enjoy doing.

What I love most about my work: I love making people feel good about themselves. There is nothing more rewarding than the look on someone’s face when you have rocked their world!

What excites/motivate me about my work is: Hair is always changing just like fashion but it also reflects on history so it’s fun to look back & see what our future will have and see how it is tweaked!

The service I am obsessed with giving is:

The additional services I perform include: Color, Cut, Perm, Keratin treatment, make up, ear piercing, and facial waxing.

My favorite product is/because: Redken Guts 10 because everyone wants some fullness! It’s easy to use and will deliver real results.

The three words that others use to describe me are: Confident, friendly, and fun!

My hobbies/interests are: Traveling, golfing, enjoying my family, fishing, walking, and going up north.

My goal in life is: To be honest, helpful and kind. To make my guests feel special!

Certifications / Advanced Education / Training:
I graduated from MATC as a Master Barber in 1990
Certified Redken Specialist 2006 Certified Redken Master Specialist 2011
Redekn Exchange in NYC Color & Know Why 2010
Certified Pureology Specialist 2008
Redken Product Knowledge class w/ Amy Frier 2011
Pureology Product Knowledge class w/ April Schaefer 2010
Redken Chromatic’s Hair Color class w/ Deb McCann 2012
Redken’s Michael Cole Step Up business course 2009
Redken’s Michael Cole Retreat business class 2013
Keratin Complex Certified
Glo Make up Certified
Behind the Chair Redken Exchange
Hair Color Authority 2017
Redken Design Certified 2015
National Redken Color Certified 2017
I am always going to educational classes many times each year – You are never too old or too good to learn!