Ashley Keifer

Ashley Keifer



Monday: Not Available
Tuesday: Not Available
Wednesday: 8am - 2pm
Thursday: 8am - 2pm
Friday: Not Available
Saturday: Not Available
Sunday: Not Available

The year I started my profession: 2006

Hair Solutions start date: September 2007

What made me interested in the beauty business was: My first professional hair service in high school left me interested in the career.

What I love most about my work is: Making people feel good and the education. We are constantly learning new skills.

What excites/motivates you about your work: I loved educating people on how to manage their hair and making their styling routine easier.

The service I am obsessed with giving is: Cutting curly hair.

The additional services I perform include: Facial waxing and pedicures.

My service philosophy is: Listen to the client and help them figure out what they want & what works for them.

My favorite product is/because: Redken curvaceous line as no matter what my curly hair needs there is something in that line that will help.

What three words do others use to describe me are: Happy, relaxed, and realistic.

My hobbies/interests are: Gardening, fishing, being a mom, and anything that is outdoors.

My Goal in life is: To enjoy the smaller things in life and to be grateful for the things I have.

Certifications / Advanced Education / Training:
Michael Cole Redken Business Systems
Color & Know Why Certification – Redken Exchange NYC 2012
Pureology PureCutting with Ruth Roche 2012
Redken Chromatics Hair Color Training 2012
Pureology PureFinishing 2011
Redken Specialist Program
Cut & Know Why Certification – Redken Exchange
Keratin Complex
Redken Specialist
Redken Color Authority
National Redken Certified Colorist