Winter Hair Do’s and Don’ts

Anyone that’s been through a Wisconsin winter knows it can be harsh on your hair and scalp. It’s colder outside, and the air is drier inside, causing unique hair and skin concerns. You’ll notice more overall static and frizz, a drier or flaky scalp, and dry, brittle ends. Luckily, there are easy solutions to all of your winter hair concerns! If you want to keep your hair looking and feeling as good as possible this winter, try these five easy tips;

1. Implement a hair mask
Hair masks are a deep conditioner that you can do right at home! They provide intense nourishment, soften, moisturize and add shine. To use, apply a quarter size amount to ends and mid lengths of shampooed hair, leave 5 minutes and rinse. A hair mask is a weekly indulgence to create softer, more hydrated hair.

Hair Solutions favorites… Pureology Hydrate Superfood & Strength Cure Superfood Mask or Redken’s All Soft mask.

2. Make hair oils your new BFF’s
Adding oils to your hair routine is a very easy way to get some extra moisture and keep static down. There are a variety of different types of oil, so knowing which one is right for you is key. One of the lightest options would be an oil spray for static, like Redken’s Anti Static Mist-Oil. To use a spray oil, simply shake the bottle and mist onto dry hair to add lightweight moisture and take down surface static. If you are looking for more nourishing properties, a
multi-benefit oil like the Mizani 25 Miracle Oil is a great option. This oil is a lightweight, multitasking oil that helps with frizz control, while making the hair softer and more manageable. Lastly, if you have coarse, dry hair, an argan oil would be your best friend. Argan Oil not only adds moisture and shine, but it actually softens the hair as well!

Hair Solutions favorites… Redken’s Anti Static Mist-Oil, Miazni’s 25 Miracle Oil, or Redken’s Argan Oil

3. Use moisturizing scalp products
Healthy hair starts at the scalp… and winter is known for drying out our scalps. Using a scalp care shampoo or lotion is an easy way to soothe the scalp and prevent itching and dandruff. Most of these products contain pyrithione zinc, which helps treat and soothe dandruff.

Hair Solutions favorites… Redken’s Scalp Relief Shampoo & Mizani Scalp Care Calming Lotion

4. Lower your water temperature
Even though a hot shower is the best feeling in the colder months, turning the
temperature down will help keep your scalp and hair healthy. Washing your hair in cooler water will keep the hair cuticle closed, letting less moisture and nutrients out of the hair. And just like the rest of your skin, hot water will dry out your scalp! Added bonus, washing with cooler water ensures your color won’t wash out as fast!

5. Switch to a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner
And last but not least, switch your shampoo to something more moisturizing in the winter months! Using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner will automatically set you up to have healthy, moisturized hair. There are a broad range of moisture shampoos, so even the finest hair
textures could use one. Make sure to ask your stylist for a recommendation.

Hair Solution’s favorites… Pureology’s Hydrate & Hydrate Sheer, Redken’s All Soft & All Soft Mega, or Redken’s Frizz Dismiss