Get Healthy Skin Despite the Mask at Hair Solutions Salon & Spa

We may not think much of it since it’s a small amount of our skin we’re hiding under our face masks each day, but in reality, keeping it covered for extended periods, exposing our sensitive skin to repetitive friction, and retaining the moist air that is caused by us exhaling against our mask all day can cause an array of skin problems.

Although you may only get irritated, dry skin from wearing your mask, there are other conditions that can result from prolonged use of face masks. Just some of these skin problems include:
• Dry Skin – This is caused by masks absorbing the natural moisture on your face and drying out your skin.
• Acne – If you’re already prone to acne, it may flare up while wearing masks,
since acne-causing bacteria gets trapped under the mask in a warm, moist environment where it can cause whiteheads, blackheads, and inflammatory
• Dermatitis – This is a rash from the contact of our mask against your skin, which causes an allergic reaction. Besides an itchy rash, you will experience scaly skin, bumps, and swelling or burning.
• Rosacea – This skin condition can be caused by heat and sweating and is
found mostly on the cheeks and chin. Since mask-wearing raises the
temperature of your skin under your mask, you may develop rosacea-prone skin.
• Sensitive Spots – Repeated rubbing, or friction, of the mask on your nose and
behind your ears can cause sensitivity and tenderness over time.
At Hair Solutions Salon & Spa, we offer dermaplaning as a safe, effective exfoliating treatment for your skin. Our licensed esthetician will painlessly remove the top layer of your epidermis and provide you with fresh skin after just 45-60 minutes!
Dermaplaning benefits your skin in many different ways:
Skin care products work better. Your lotions and serums that you use in your daily routine skin care regimen will be better able to penetrate and absorbed into the skin. If the top layer of your skin is clogged with dead skin cells, these products won’t penetrate as effectively to give you the results you deserve.
Smoother skin for healthier skin. It’s natural for your skin to have peach fuzz along with the dead skin cells. These two things combine to trap dirt and oil, causing clogged pores and acne breakout. Trying to remove this build-up with a gentle cleaner just isn’t enough and with dermaplaning, it will mean fewer breakouts and healthier skin. Even out the skin surface. Fine lines, wrinkles, mild acne scars – they all are formed by gaps in the skin as we age and our collagen production slows. The exfoliating action of dermaplaning encourages cell renewal and boosts collagen replacement by getting rid of the dead skin. By rejuvenating your skin, it will be smoother, younger-looking, and
any dry skin or breakouts that result in constant mask-wearing can be easily rectified with the absorption of the right skin care products.
Eliminate the peach fuzz. Whether your peach fuzz is prominent or not, it can affect the way your makeup looks because it disrupts the fine surface of your skin. Although we encourage little to no makeup under your mask, there are times when you cannot go without makeup and with dermaplaning, your foundation will be smooth and even. Because your natural rejuvenation cycle for your skin is every 30 days, we recommend a dermaplaning treatment every month. At Hair Solutions Salon & Spa, our estheticians
will consult with you about your personal skincare needs. Although dermaplaning works on most skin types, if you have an active acne breakout or if your skin is excessively oily, we can help you determine whether dermaplaning or some other facial treatment would work for you.
We also recommend following up your dermaplaning treatment with one of our professional facials. We can refresh your skin so that’s primed and ready for your skincare routine at home.
We specialize in Dermalogica® skin care products and our estheticians will help you develop a personalized home skincare regimen. High-quality skin care is so important, especially with constant mask-wearing, so we make sure you are educated about the right products to use – from your cleanser to your moisturizer, all the way down to the Dermalogica® Lip Renewal Complex and other lip treatments by Dermalogica® to help
with dry, cracked lips that you may get from mask-wearing.

Here are some ways that you can continue to ease skin irritation and care for your skin at home after your dermaplaning treatment and Dermalogica® facial:
1. Use a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser to keep skin clean, remove excess oils,
and other bacteria.
2. Protect your skin with daily use of a facial moisturizer.
3. Avoid makeup in areas covered by your mask, since cosmetics can irritate and flare up skin under pressure from your mask.

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Take care of your skin with dermaplaning and Dermalogica® facials from our expert estheticians at Hair Solutions Salon & Spa. Make your appointment today and we’ll help you protect your skin from the trials of mask-wearing. To schedule your appointment, visit us at 15440 West Beloit Road, Suite 700 in New Berlin, WI or call us at (262)780-2900