Makeup, Lash, and Brow Services for a Bright, Healthy Glos

It’s the new decade, and looking your best is a top priority. Whether you have a special occasion coming up this year or you just want to look your best for everyday professional and casual occasions, you’ll feel confident with the results you get from our professional makeup applications and lash and brow treatments at the Hair Solutions Salon & Spa.


Looking great is about much more than applying makeup. It’s about using the right professional products that treat your skin well and professional techniques that help emphasize all your best features while helping those tiny flaws disappear. At the Hair Solutions Salon & Spa, our makeup artists use exclusive Glo Skin Beauty® mineral makeup products. Glo Skin Beauty® is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, award-winning makeup formulations that apply flawlessly and last all day and into the night. Unique, personalized skincare ensures that you get the right products for your skin’s needs. Your makeup is an extension of your skincare routine, and Glo Skin Beauty® products are formulated to nurture your skin for the best results. They are formulated with broad-spectrum preservatives for longlasting purity and are free of parabens and talc. Glo Skin Beauty® products are never tested on animals, and the entire line is PETA approved.

  • Bridal Makeup. One of the most important days of your life is your wedding, and you’ll be looking at the photos forever. Although it’s a fun and exciting time, your wedding day can also be stressful as you manage all the last-minute details. Your makeup should be flawless, but who can apply flawless makeup while running around worrying whether the caterer will arrive on time? Getting a professional makeup application on your special day is a must – you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s perfect, with one less detail to remember!
  • Everyday makeup.  A specialized, individual makeup application shouldn’t wait for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding. You can feel fabulous and camera-ready every day with professional makeup applications. Our professional makeup artists will analyze your skin tone, facial features, and individual style to give you that the flawless, confident look.
  • Lessons.  Want to duplicate the effects of a professional makeup application at home? It’s easy when our professional makeup artists show you how. Once our makeup artists have analyzed your features and given you the best look for you, they can also show you the tips and tricks that make it easy to get ready every morning with flawless makeup that lasts.
  • Airbrush makeup.  In some cases, airbrush makeup is the best choice for a professional, flawless finish. Airbrush makeup, like the name implies, uses a special, patented application technique to spray a fine mist of makeup. It allows the makeup artist to apply a custom-blended foundation that looks natural and covers any minor imperfections, especially for occasions that use digital photography.


Nothing brightens your eyes quite like thick, long, curled lashes. While it can be a challenge to get this look every morning, some special techniques make it easy. Our Hair Solutions Salon & Spa estheticians recommend GrandeLASH™ MD for four to six weeks before your lash lift service. This helps enhance your natural lashes by thickening and lengthening them. GrandeLASH™ MD is an award-winning serum designed with a special blend of vitamins, amino acids, and peptides. You’ll see thicker-looking and longer lashes that improve over time, with the best results after three months. The serum is especially helpful for thinning, short, or brittle lashes. GrandeLASH™ MD is suitable for people with contacts and lash extensions and is ophthalmologist tested.

  • Lash lifts.  Lash lifts are like a perm for your lashes – they give you that lifted, curled look that normally takes time out of your day fussing with an eyelash curler. If your lashes are naturally straight and seem to disappear on your lash line, lash lifts may be perfect for you. The process takes about an hour, and the results – brighter eyes and more defined lashes – last about six to eight weeks.
  • Lash Tinting.  If mascara is a must for you, lash tinting can be a game-changer. Lash tinting applies semi-permanent dye to your natural lashes so that they appear longer and thicker all day and night without any mascara. Tinting is waterproof, so you can swim or shower without worrying about mascara runs. Lash tinting can take less than 30 minutes and the results last up to eight weeks.


In the past, women would pluck their brows until there was almost nothing left of them. Today, the natural, well-defined look is the trend. At Hair Solutions Salon & Spa, we use the specially formulated Grande Brow enhancing serum made with antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids that helps your brows look fuller, healthy, and bold in just six to eight weeks. This dermatologist-tested serum is especially helpful for people with over-plucked, thinning, tailless or sparse brows, giving you fuller, natural results.

Brow tinting.  Like lash tinting, brow tinting helps lighter hairs stand out for that well-defined look you normally only get with makeup. Brow tinting usually takes less than a half-hour and the results – gorgeous, full-looking brows – last four to six weeks.

  • Waxing and shaping.  Getting brows in the perfect shape can take some effort. Professional waxing and shaping gives you precise results for the perfectly shaped brows you’ve always wanted. And at Hair Solutions Salon & Spa, you can even get the ultimate treatment of shaping and/or tinting that lasts with our Signature Brow Experience.

Get the best look for you, whether it’s for a special occasion or every day, at Hair Solutions Salon & Spa. Our professional makeup artists can help you find the perfect look for your style and personality! To make an appointment, you can find us at 15440 West Beloit Road, Suite 700 in New Berlin, WI or call us at (262) 780-2900.